Online Banking Upgrade

Online Banking FAQs

Why did you change Online Banking?
With our new Online Banking, we were able to add some new exciting features, like Person-to-Person Payments and Mobile Banking for Business, while still maintaining a safe, secure and simple system to use.

How do I enroll for Online Banking if I do not have a signon currently?
Click on the Enroll button. Review the Online Agreement and click on I Agree. Enter the requested information. Information must match what we have on file. If everything matches, click on Send Email Verification. Click the link contained in the verification email within one hour of requesting it. You must click the link using the same computer and internet browser that you used to fill out the application.

A confirmation screen will appear with your NetTeller ID. You will use that to sign on the first time, along with the last four digits of your Social Security Number as your password. You will be asked to change both your User ID and Password to something else.

I have Online Banking now. How do I sign into the new Online Banking?
Your User ID should be the same as the one you were using before. Your password will be the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You will be asked to change your password as soon as you sign in.

I have Business Banking now. How do I sign into the new Online Banking?
If you are the Super User for your Business, please refer to the First Time Signon Instructions.

If you are an Additional User for your Business, please refer to the First Time Signon Instructions.

Or give us a call and ask for Online Banking Support. We are happy to help.

Can a business customer use the Enroll feature on the website?
Business Banking applications will not be processed through auto enroll. Because there is a contract process for Business Banking, businesses would need to contact their Personal Banker or Online Banking Support to start the process.

How can I change the phone number linked to MFA at login?
MFA verification is set up on initial login. You can have up to 4 phone numbers on this list. This will be used whenever additional information is needed to verify your identity for security purposes. You will also have the option of answering a challenge question. Because they are used to verify your identity, they can only be changed by Online Banking Support. We will need to ask several questions to verify your identity and may require the request in writing with a signature.

Can I change my phone numbers for alerts, texts, and password resets?
You can change your phone number for password resets under “User Options” in the Person Settings section. Customers can change the phone number for alerts/text/mobile under “User Options” in the Mobile Settings tab.

Are text alerts in real time?
Text alerts are pushed out every 15 minutes, but they only go out once. So if you get a balance alert at 8:15am, you will only get that one, not the same one every 15 minutes.

Can I still download to Quicken/QuickBooks?
Yes that will still work.  There are some very important instructions regarding using your Quicken/QuickBooks with our new system the first time to avoid duplicating transactions in your Quicken/QuickBooks. These are located on the Online Banking Upgrade page.

How can I hide some of my accounts?
You can hide accounts from your mobile account listing by going into User Options and clicking on Mobile Options. Simply uncheck the accounts you do not wish to see online.

You can also exclude certain accounts from showing on My Finances, by clicking on Accounts and checking EXCL next to the accounts you don’t want to see.

On Online Banking, you can hide accounts from the My Accounts widget by selecting the configuration tool in the top right hand corner of the widget. (Looks like a gear.) You will then be given the opportunity to remove them from that widget. This will not completely remove them from your Online Banking.

If there is an account appearing on your regular Online Banking screen that you do not wish to see ever, please contact Online Banking Support and we will be glad to remove it for you.

How can I reset my password myself?
If you do not have Business Banking, then simply click on “Forgot your password?

You will be asked to provide your User ID, your email address and an email subject. An email displaying your email subject will be sent to your email. Click on the link in the email. This will take you to a secure site where you will enter your user ID and either answer a challenge question, or get phone call to verify your identity. If completed correctly, you will be asked to create a new password.

Why did my password reset fail?
It could be that either the User ID or email address you provided did not match what we have on file. Call Online Banking Support and we will be happy to get you back in and show you where to update your information, so that you would be able to use password reset, if needed, in the future.

There is a two hour time limit from the time you request the email, to when you click on the link. After two hours, the link is no longer valid.

Finally, be careful when typing in your answer to your challenge question. It is case sensitive.

How long does a customer have to log in after their password has been reset?
Two hours.

Can a Business Banking Super or Additional User on a business reset using Forgotten Password?
No. Business Banking Super Users will have to be reset by Online Banking Support and additional users will need to be reset by their Super Users.

Will all of my ACH and/or Wire Templates cross over to the new system?
Yes. We would recommend double checking those on or after July 23rd to make sure that everything converted correctly.

Will all of my Bill Pay Payees cross over to the new system?
Yes all of your payees and most of your recurring payments will cross over. We would recommend double checking those on or after July 23rd to make sure that everything converted correctly. The only thing that will not convert is eBills and any recurring payments set up to trigger by an eBill.

Will I be able to set my eBills back up in the new system?

Will Bill Pay work the same in the new system?
It will have a very similar look and feel to the old system, but there are a few changes with how the payments process and come out of your account.

1. Payments will be scheduled on the day you want them to process. So if you set a payment with today’s date, it will process today.
2. Payments will process twice a day once at 7:00 AM and once at 2:00 pm CT, which will be the cut off for Bill Pay.
3. If a Payment has already processed, you will not be able to edit/delete it.
4. During payment processing times the system will verify the funds in your account and draft all electronic payments for the day from your account during processing.
5. If the payment goes by paper check, then the funds will still be verified that day, but will not be drafted from your account until the check clears.
6. You will be able to see an image of that check in your Online Banking Account history, just like a regular check.

Will all of my automatic or recurring transfers cross over to the new system?
Yes. We would recommend double checking those on or after July 23rd to make sure that everything converted correctly.

I can’t get my Mobile App to work. What should I do?
Have you signed into a computer since our system update on July 23rd? You will need to authenticate through a computer before your app will work. Also:

Did you download the new app since we updated our system on July 23rd? You would need to delete your current app and search for CornerBank in the App Store for your device. After downloading the new app, you should be able to sign in using your User ID and Password you set up on the computer.

Will my FinanceWorks™ information cross over to the new system?
No. Because we do not keep your passwords on file for your other accounts, that information will not cross over to our new My Finances financial management program.

Will all of my eStatements cross over to the new system?
Yes. Our eStatement system will be the same and you should have the same amount of history as you had on our previous system.

I accidentally deleted one of the sections off of my main Online Banking page. How do I get it back?
Click on Configure This Page. Select which column the missing section or widget was located and you will see that widget there with a plus sign next to it. Once you have added it back, you can click and drag it to wherever you want it to appear in the list.

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