Trust and Investments

Other Trust Services

Investment Advisory Accounts
Investment services are provided through an agency agreement in which a customized investment plan can be designed to meet customer needs and wants.  This strategy unlike traditional investment advisory accounts can hold both marketable securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and UIT’s; but can also hold other assets such as real estate and other unique assets.

Estate Planning and Settlement
While we do not give legal advice or prepare estate planning documents, we can work with clients and their legal advisor in creating a solid strategy.  Estate settlement either appointed through a trust or probate court appointed administrator we work in the best interest of the beneficiary.

We Also Provide:

  • Specialized Knowledge in handling assets
  • Inventory and asset valuation
  • Complete and accurate accounting
  • Experienced in Probate Court Proceedings
  • Impartial third party estate administration

CornerBank trust and investment officers do not provide legal and tax advice. It is recommended that you consult with an attorney and/or accountant for advice in these areas. Products and services offered are not FDIC insured, not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by CornerBank and may be subject to market risk.

Other Trust Services Representatives

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Lori Christian

Assistant Vice President of Asset Management

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Gene Heffron

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Lawrence, Wichita, Winfield

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Nick Ruyle

Trust Officer, Asset Management

Arkansas City, Douglass, Wellington, Winfield

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